The chastity belt

Wearing such device is the expression of my willingness of letting Mistress take control of my sexual pleasure and denying me orgasm. From a dominant perspective, I understand this may look strange. But to the contrary, this is also a way for my Mistress to bring my sexual attention to its peak. In my perspective it is part of a ritualized tease and denial bringing a paradoxically intense focus on my genitals. With this device of pleasure denial, Mistress has the power of taking advantage of my sensual vulnerability and deepening my submission, Such a restriction makes me totally hers. It can become a pivot around which all her power is magnified. The many ways for her to express her dominance in turn makes me hard and then extremely uncomfortable . The combination with a tru-hole penis plug makes the inner focu even more intense and complete. My arousal does not come necessarily from direct genital contact, but simply by having Mistress take her own pleasure from me in so many ways. This power is very often extended beyond the limited time of an intimate encounter. My submissive pulsions make me wear the chastity device as often as I can. It is a way to extend Mistress presence at work, during presentations, at the movies, while I am away from home, shopping, etc. It is now for her to explore, experiment, toy with and find out how she can take pleasure from the experience her slave is offering her. All of this is about submitting and placing Mistress desire for control at the center of the exchange.

Slave delight

Mistress Jade’s satisfied smile and look she gave her slave in bondage and her fascinated look at my ass being stretched was the best reward I could get from her. Those are imprinted in my eyes and would have like these moments to last for hours. I have taken a further step into submitting to Mistress Jade. I was transported by this experience. Quickly Mistress had me bound to the wall, lifted my latex skirt and started spanking my sensitive and barely trained derrière. I had some difficulties retaining my balance in my high heels. I wanted her to touch me, play with me, explore me and caress me. I wanted to please her and meant bearing as much pain as I could. I new she loved giving me pain and pushing me further. In putting me into bondage, Mistress Jade expressed how her lively and quick imagination could make me at her service for play. I felt privileged to be granted her center of attention. Lying in my back, legs in the air, hands tied to the spreader bar, I was admiring Mistress Jade satisfied look between my heels and spread tight enclosed in latex stockings. Her slightest touch was sending a frisson along my spine to explode my brain and genitals. Her pinching my nipples was setting me in fire, arching my back as I was able too, trashing my head in passion and calling her name aloud. Bound in such a way my mouth was open and drooling for her dildo and I felt into a hard face pumping rhythm. I savoured the sensation of being bound, face fucked and plugged. The pressure of my cock inside my chastity tube was one of my sign of appreciation to my Mistress. There I was, mow, vulnerable to my Mistress exploring how far she could stretch my ass, trusting her, confident in her capabilities. She entered me and went lowly with me to get the maximum of this ass I was giving her to own. I began to fill full inside and wanted more. Now untied and my ass free, I feel vacated and deprived … Thank you Mistress Jade, are you satisfied with this new toy of yours? Where are you wishing to take it for your pleasure?

A first encounter wiht Mistress Jade

I was grateful for Mistress Jade to accept my application for an initial encounter. I woke up the morning after with the imprint of the sensations Mistress Jade gave me in my flesh and mind.

I took all the necessary time to present myself to her an appropriate way. A fist encounter with a Mistress is always filled with mixed feelings enhanced by the unknown . Expectation and desire to please remained key to delivering myself for exploration by Mistress Jade. My nervous excitement and desire to please does not always gets the better of me. I wanted her to be pleased with me and become filled with desire to have me as her toy.

At the moment she opened her door to me, I was there standing prepared to surrender at her total disposal, my erotic hunger contained by chastity device, all enclosed in my total latex shell and clean in the inside.

It was a delight for me to see her eyes exploring her now toy from eyes to toes. I could feel her eyes on me, looking me up and down, taking me in. I clasped my hands behind the small of my corseted back so that my ass jutted out from the top of my heels. With a power full respect she tested my reaction to her spanking, pinching each nipple when I was bound to the table, she drew long, pitchy moans of pleasure from me. Touching me, spanking me released a pent-up desire hiding inside me

I felt a warm rush when Mistress Jade pushed her strap on between my parted checks. My breathing became faster and more ragged as I felt her pushing as deep as she could. She pushed into me and observed how I would react to it. She rammed into me deeply. I was standing on top of my heels to meet her as she pounded into me. I was arching my back and thrusting my hips up further, moaning like an animal, my hands clutching the bench. Her ordering me to take it like a slut was music to my ears. How nice it was whispering it was to show her how deep I could take her inside me. Letting moans and heavy breathing out of my soul became a relief. I was a willing rubber doll abandoned to these feelings .

Obviously this was only a first step. From now the rest is up to Mistress Jade. All I hope for is to be an inspiration for Mistress Jade to satisfy her curiosity and discover more on how she can take advantage of this new toy of her.

Thank you Mistress Jade for sharing these moments of intimacy with me

On Mistress Jade

I have been serving “Pro-Mistresses” for the last years and have been a loyal sub to them. As Mistress Jade expresses in her blog, activity of mistresses are too often short lived, sometimes for personal considerations I need to respect. Its not a matter of me being a romantic sub, but experience shows you need time to mutually learn about one an other before reaching a certain level of mutual benefit. Already in reading Mistress Jade blog’s I perceived in her an intelligent, creative and responsible Mistress. I believe this is the type of Mistress I could serve better and who would enjoy me the most. I also believed the complete Mistress is more than someone whipping you, she is a complete woman. All of this transpires to me from the experiences she wrote about and the way she strived to get the most of her life style. All of this made me feel secure in offering myself to her. Offering her to control me would be offering me to someone who appeared to be in control of what she seeks. I also have to confess that the feminine posture she showed from the top of her heels, her round feminine derriere and her breasts enhanced by her corset, inspired me that elegant feminine dominance I aspire to serve for her favourite games. And she had that unique look in her eyes … From this perspective I believe Mistress Jade would be this Mistress with the capacity to build my trust in her and give her the satisfaction of having this sub expand his limits. The only next step was to contact her. The moment I heard her laughter on the phone, the net was closing onto me.

My initial learnings

Most of my experiences showed me how my Mistress taking over by body and using it for her pleasure conditioned my submissive behaviour toward her, physically and mentally. The effect of the physical experience goes well beyond the short hours of encounter. In total latex enclosure, showing up in women curves with corset and heels, I learned to surrender myself to games of bondage. Being immobilized into humiliating positions became a way to offer myself for my Mistress to take advantage of me for her pleasure. I was got the satisfaction to see her take control over her latex puppet. Letting her enjoy experimenting my shivering at each of her provoking moves became a way of expressing her dominance on me. I amused Mistress by her control and her capacity to raise desire in her toy to its limits and then deny it any pleasure. She was satisfied in seeing the expression of my eyes in my latex helmet and to listen to my heavy breathing, the only way to express my desire thru my gag. Mummified and prisoner of my tight cocoon, vibrating butt plug in my ass, I concentrate on witnessing Mistress’ pleasure to see how I react to each of her teasing moves and how she enjoys her control over each of my reactions. Suspended, she becomes the owner of the sensual pleasure she grants me. I learned to put my ass at my Mistress’ disposal so that she can satisfy her pulsions for anal games. I know this is her way to express ownership. She expresses all of her feminine dominance granting me with the favour by taking me with her strap on and getting the satisfaction of earring me moaning at every movement inside me, wile I am bound and prisoner. After this stage I had was sometimes granted the favour of this ultimate act of intimacy: feeling the warmth of her fist inside my ass. While the sexual tension is being build in such a process wearing a chastity device remains the constant reminder of the expression of my willingness of letting my Mistress take control of my pleasure and denying me orgasm. From my perspective this is a way for my Mistress to bring my sensual attention to its peak. From my perspective it is part of a ritualized tease and denial bringing a paradoxically intense focus on my genitals. It becomes a pivot around which all my Mistress power is magnified. Being denied permission to come or instructions to relief myself at a specific moment after the encounter expands my Mistress control. Such experiences are part of a process were building up takes an essential part. Those preliminary steps enhances my Mistress’ power of her me. They make my heart pound and endorphins pumps, imagination runs and hold the promise of intense intimacy and profound gratification for the Mistress. Bondage , teasing, deprivation, nipple torture, electrical play, flogging, canning, humiliation, are all elements I got to experiment that made the joy of being used even deeper. The best illustration is the different feeling of feeling my Mistress his banging against my hot ass while she fucked me with her strap on. All of these are part of raising the experience to a free floating spirit.